Summit Shah MD: 3 Ways to Help Your Children Beat Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies can be a great source of frustration. You probably know the scenario well: all your son or daughter wants to do is play outside with the other kids, but the symptoms they get seem to ruin the fun. Their itchy throat, teary eyes, runny nose and even stomach ache can ruin a play date quickly. Help your child thrive during the times when their seasonal allergens are peaking with the following three strategies.

1. Adjust Your Plans

Seasonal allergens are triggered by several agents including tree, grass, and weed pollen among other things. You can track the pollen forecast using online tools in order to see when certain allergens are highest in your area. Schedule outdoor play dates for times when the count is lower, and plan ahead by taking a medication that you have discussed with your doctor. Give the medicine enough time to kick in before bringing your child out into an environment that will have an environmental allergen. This will help them manage their symptoms and not miss out on all of the fun!

2. Shower And Change Clothes

When returning home, help your child take a shower and bath and then change into fresh clothes, even if it is the middle of the day. Allergens that are trapped in hair and clothes can keep on triggering symptoms even once you are inside. Give your little one a fresh start so that they can enjoy the relief that will come with a clean environment.

3. Use Environmental Control

When it comes to seasonal allergies, the best way to beat them will always be staying away from them. This means closing the windows, and keeping those microscopic triggers outside, away from your child’s immune system. In the hotter months, air conditioning can make playing indoors on those high pollen count days more enjoyable. When you are out in the car, tell the family to roll up the windows and use the AC instead. Your child will enjoy the drive much more, and will arrive at your destination in a healthier state. In addition, use some light humidity provided by a humidifier to prevent air from becoming too dry indoors. The circulating misted air can sooth your child’s sinus passages if they have been stressed. Think about the environment in terms of where an allergen would collect. Carpets, upholstery, curtains, and blankets should all be cleaned regularly during a peak allergy season. Have other kids in the house stay in the habit of washing hands and removing shoes when coming in from the outdoors, so that they do not track more allergens in.

By using these strategies, you can help your child stay happy and healthy during the allergy season that is the most challenging for them. The way you help your child handle their allergy will have a lasting effect! Be sure to provide lots of positive reinforcement for them so that they know that even when their allergy is challenging it is not something that has to limit them. They can have a full and enjoyable allergy season, just like other kids! Experts like Summit Shah MD can help you learn more about your child’s specific allergies and how they are affecting the immune system. The more you know, the better off your child will be!

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