Educational Consultant Michele Frazier Gives Examples of How To Make Schools A Safer Environment

In the more recent years, schools have become a prime target for crime turning them into a generally unsafe environment for learning. Thirty percent of the children reported being harassed, more than 75 percent confess to knowing how to get drugs with another 75 percent of understudies in high school and middle school admit to the likelihood of them bringing a weapon onto school grounds.

Michele Frazier, an educational consultant, believes that tough times do require tough action and has a plan that, if put into effect, would make all schools nationwide up to 30% safer than they are currently. “Although it may sound crazy, what choice do we have? All middle schools and high schools should have students register every summer to go to school,” says Michele Frazier. “We don’t get into colleges or jobs without applying. Why should these be different? There should also be background checks on these children and their families.”

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